QITRO is software supported Multiplier Matrix files, based on economic business establishment variables, using standard business sector classifications such as the North American Industry Classification Systems (NAICS), or Standard Industrial Classification System (SIC), per geographic region (e.g. nation, state, county, zip code, congressional district, etc.).

QITRO enables users to conduct economic and business research, such as industrial operations (IO) research, industrial clusters analyses, and economic impact analyses (including direct, indirect and induced impacts) and economic forecasting, among other areas.



Other Economic Impact Modeling Software

About 1 Thousand Multipliers


Over 1 Million Multipliers

QITRO's finer level of resolution facilitates taking a deeper dive into the inter-industry relationships in the economy and outperform other competition. This product provides multipliers identifying and tracing each of the sector-to-sector economic effects. This provides the ability to develop economic-related interpretations and conclusions with greater accuracy and more precision and to track the flow of a dollar on a single sector-to-sector basis. For instance, the typical economic impact model software product generates about 1,000 multipliers. However, when compared with QITRO, which generates approximately 1.35 million multipliers, there is a much higher resolution or level of inter-industry detail at the six-digit level. The granular level of applicable and accessible multipliers will allow for exponentially greater detail and higher quality results for any economic impact analyses.